Key Bond Unique Products

£20.00 Inc. VAT

• A blend of amino acids which penetrate deep into the hair and powerful conditioning agents.
• It restructures and repairs the fibres.
• The fibres of damaged hair are realigned,restoring its strength, body, gloss, silkiness and natural bounce.
• For use during the various chemical technical services (bleaching, colour,perm, straightening, etc.) to protect the hair and reduce the risk of damage.
• In a single-dose pack, it is convenient, easy and practical to use.
• Perfector treatment which completes the efficacy of Key Bond Repair Hair Fluid 1.
• Restructures and strengthens the hair, leaving it shiny, soft and silky.
• Nourishes and revitalises.
• Restores natural bounce to damaged hair by realigning its fibres.