Colour correction is exactly that. You may need to fix an undesirable colour mishap or you may just want to tone out a build-up of unwanted brassiness.

Dying your hair darker or lightening it even more may also achieve the look you want.

Here at Unique Hair Salon, we can help you turn your hair disaster into something beautiful.

The products we use: We use a combination of bleaches, tints, toners and colours.

When correcting colour, every guest’s needs are completely unique. Depending on the correction that is required, we will give you expert advice on how to get the look you want, the best way to achieve it and maintain it. We always recommend a consultation beforehand.

To book your colour consultation, give our friendly team a call  01279 652 617  today and let Michele give you the ultimate experience in colour services that will transform your hair and make you feel and look amazing.

‘Please note: Clients who are new or who have not had their hair colour for six months or more will be asked to pop in to the salon for a quick skin test 48 hours before your appointment to make sure you do not have any allergies to our products.’