Where one colour is applied all over the head from roots to tips, using permanent or semi-permanent colour.

It’s great for colouring grey and giving lift to virgin hair as well as adding depth, tone and shine to your hair.

Full head colour is perfect for making a bold fashion statement and creating a cool look, whilst less bold colours offer a more natural all-over coverage.

The products we use: Spicy Colour for an intense colour experience.

  • Discover our range of vibrant colours that really make a statement!
  • Semi-permanent hair dye that leaves hair moisturised & ultra- bright.
  • Perfect for guests who want to create their own unique personal style.
  • Ammonia and oxidant free for healthier and well protected hair.

To book your colour consultation, give our friendly team a call  01279 652 617  today and let Michele give you the ultimate experience in colour services that will transform your hair and make you feel and look amazing.

‘Please note: Clients who are new or who have not had their hair colour for six months or more will be asked to pop in to the salon for a quick skin test 48 hours before your appointment to make sure you do not have any allergies to our products.’