Hair Colour Salon

Trying to find top hair salons near me can sometimes be a little difficult. Colouring your hair is a very personal experience and it’s important that you find a hair colour specialist who can get it right. Our salon owner and master hair colourist, Michele Pelosi is our salon hair colour expert having trained with the Colour Academy in Lake Garda, Italy, and being a top master colourist for over 25 years. Michele holds an excels awards in Emsibeth, which is the hair colouring system we favour here in our hair colour salon at Unique Hairdressing & Male Barbering.

Hair Colour Salon

Hair Colour Specialists

We are huge fans of Emsibeth Thermal Colour which is the first colour system containing spa water and is the result of innovative hair colour research. Thermal Colour is a cream gel colour which contains the beneficial properties of spa water and is P-Phenyenediamine and Resorcinol-free. This is great for normal hair but highly recommended for clients in our hair colour salon who have sensitive skin. Thermal Colour also has 98% pure micro-pigments resistance against colour fading and an incredibly low ammonium content (less than 1%), which is good news for all hair and scalp types.

Natural Beauty

So, why are Emsibeth adding spa water to their colour products? Because it improves the natural beauty of your hair and contains minerals and moisturising properties. It enhances the health of the scalp by stimulating the blood circulation which soothes any redness or itching. Using Thermal Colour leaves your hair with stunning richness that is both regenerated and manageable. You won’t find these amazing products in any other hair salon, so come and see us at Unique.

Time Saving Hair Colour Option

If you think you simply don’t have the time to visit our hair salon, we are pleased to be able to offer our time-strapped clients a quicker way to permanent cosmetic colour. Our advanced, fast-acting cosmetic cream gel hair colour gives you intense colour, tone and bright reflections, leaving your hair beautifully soft and manageable in just 10 minutes.